#slow_studio offers beautiful, considered styling and interior design for brands, homes and hospitality projects.

We bring together years of experience in interior design, brand development, marketing, advertising, styling and the hospitality sector to give you a layered, in-depth custom package.

Our projects range through colour consults and room revamps, styling for brand shoots including food, products and room sets, and full restaurant, bar or hotel designs.

  • HASHTAG : dynamic tagging to facilitate a curated experience
  • SLOW: movement for considered conscious living
  • STUDIO: collaborative collective of creative skills

Latest from the Blog

Scandi Cinnamon Rolls

Make your own Scandi style cinnamon rolls with this delicious easy recipe. Spiked with fresh ground cardamom seeds and candied orange peel they are very grown up sticky buns, that the kids will love too.

Homemade Christmas Mince Pies

This Christmas mince pie recipe has been honed over 30 years. It’s tried and tested, and utterly moreish.

Bread and Butter

This homemade wholemeal seed loaf will change how you feel about baking bread.


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